Streamer Buddy Case Study

Streamer Buddy Case Study

Challenge - Live Streamers want to create a stronger bond with the viewers to create a loyal, growing, more engaged community, however lack features to do so.

My Role - UX Research, Prototyping, Modelling, Rendering, Storyboarding, Affinitizing

Team Members - Two

Project Time - Winter 2021


There is lack of communication between the streamer and the viewer. We issue commands to the machine, and it, in turn, commands us in voice of the streamer. It’s like having two monologues than “one” dialogue.


It is the interaction or communication that takes place between the live streamers and the viewers. The viewer types a chat message that the streamer receives and reads whenever he takes a look at his screen.


  • There are around 10 million active live streamers as you read.
  • It has an enormous user base and growing popularity.
  • The potential to reach thousands (or more) of new customers with the click of a button is becoming a reality.
  • Using live-streaming has become a platforms to drive tons of revenue for your business.


Live Streamers - Primary
Viewers - Secondary


Contextual Inquiry - 4
Viewer Surveys - 10



  1. Want more ways to interact through chat
  2. Need to keep their viewers engaged while they are concentrating on their objective and thus is difficult for them to read the chat.
  3. Feel the lack of control, to do things like recording a clip or switching to full screen etc.
  4. To make the viewers a priority, so they always keep connected with the streamer and keep increasing their fan base


  1. Want more ways to interact with the streamer anyhow
  2. They are looking for more attention, and easily get bored when the streamer is focused on his game.
  3. Feel the lack of connection with the game as well as the streamer
  4. Difficulty knowing the streamer, beyond that superficial level

  • How might we make the overall live streaming experience easier?
  • How might we enable an easier connection?
  • How might we reduce the external influences/ disturbance in the overall live streaming experience?

How might we improve the overall communication and interaction between streamer to enhance the overall experience of live streaming?



  1. The concept of “boy trapped inside a robot’ is solid
  2. This field is huge for me
  3. Even though I don’t think voice ai is there yet, I think it is a step in the right direction that can push it to the next level
  4. I feel very connected to live streaming


  1. I want more ways to interact with their chat.
  2. The focus should solely be on innovation of communication
  3. The viewer should be able to send reactions too, not just the streamer
  4. Feel distant from streamers
  5. I want more attention from streamer, and get bored easily


A “Streamer Buddy”, for both the streamer and the viewers, reacts with different gestures, voice prompts, and sounds that the streamers sends to the viewers and visa versa, activated by voice, for an open and different kind of communication other than just text chat.



Live Streamers - 2
Viewers - 4


  • What do streamers think of this?
  • What do viewers think of this?
  • Would they use this product?
  • What challenges can they identify when going through the user task flow?
  • Do they think people will stay longer in the stream because of our product?
  • Are the features innovative? Do they like the personality of it?
  • Should we name it or let the streamer name it?
  • What do they think of it?



Live Streamers - 5
Viewers - 8

1.Visibility of system status

  • How would we ensure that the message has reached the other end securely or not?
  • Is the chaos of leaving the conversation open viable?

Want reactions as quickly as possible
Want open and continuous trust

2. Match between system and the real world

  • How will we follow real world conventions, make information appear in a natural and logical order?
  • Get feedback on voice prompts, and how long the reaction should take?

Ensuring we don’t have to repeat and the reaction is clear at once

3. User control and freedom

  • How much freedom would the person have to change their voice reactions?
  • Would they be able to control the intensity of voice prompts?

Would recommend an easier undo and redo option
Showing a clear way to exit the current interaction

4. Consistency and standards

  • Figure out the best design that can be adapted by both streamers and viewers?
  • Would the reactions be same for live streamer and viewers? Or different?

Want to see consistency within a single product or a family of products
Increasing learnability of reactions through linking voices and emojis together

5. Error prevention

  • How would the voice prompt be filtered to maintain a safe form of communication?
  • Would there be any sound problems?

6. Recognition rather than recall

Would people find streaming easier after using our product?

If so, would the UI’s be the same or varied?

  • Want something to reduce my effort, and will stick to it forever
  • Want personalized reactions so I can tailor content
  • Allow for customization, so I can make specific selections

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

  • Figure out the location for placing the streamer buddy?
  • Find out what device viewers stream from most efficiently?

Maybe a foldable product

Mostly use laptops, or big screens but want the space empty all around it

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

  • What do people want to feel like looking at the product?
  • How much space would it occupy of a person?

They said our exploration sketches were too abstract, they want playfulness.

It should be able to sit near laptop, cover less and less space

9. Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors

  • Get honest feedback from streamers about how they would adjust our product while playing?
  • Get feedback from viewers on voice prompts, and how long the reactions should take?

The streamer would need to be able to adjust it so that viewers can see it on screen and something should be done

The reactions should take less than 20 seconds for the streamer, and less than 6 seconds for the viewer to reach


  • We decided that the streamer’s buddy should be attachable to a foldable Arm Stand so that the streamer can locate it wherever it is most comfortable and can be seen on stream.
  • Added the open communication aspect, embracing the controlled chaos
  • Validated that the streamer should name their streamer buddy
  • Added feet to hold a smartphones as well
  • Removed voice commands that would just help the streamer not adding into the conversation


  • Added the open communication aspect, embracing the controlled chaos
  • Validated that the streamer should name their streamer buddy
  • Added feet to hold a smartphone


  • High pitched young, funny, empathetic voice for the streamer buddy with the name that the streamer decides for personalization of voice command activation
  • He is a gamer, and a “human” (not really, he’s a friendly robot) but he thinks he is a human trapped in a robot body.
  • He could be considered a young adult that really lets his emotions out


  • Happy Celebration - “Buddy, celebrate!”
  • Anger - “Buddy, get angry”
  • Sadness - “Buddy, be sad with us”
  • Scared - “Buddy, I’m scared”
  • Dissapointment - “Buddy, that was dissapointing”
  • Suspense - “Buddy, on edge”  (tense)
  • Impressed - “Buddy, that was impressive!”
  • Loco - “Buddy, go crazy!”
  • Funny - “Buddy, hahahaha”
  • Happy Exploration - “Buddy, lets explore”


  • Network Connectivity-viewers will connect to the streamer’s network to receive their personalized reactions that responds to his list of emotions like “celebration, sadness, anger, happy exploration...”
  • Voice Activated Name and Reactions - Streamers and viewers are able to say “Streamer Buddy Celebrate” and that reaction
  • Phone stand- it is designed to be able to hold a hand held device as well as sit on any desk or surface for engaging no matter what device
  • Q&A - We will add a mic so that premium viewers can send voice questions, the buddy will store them until streamer says “Buddy, ask me something” (140 max characters, bad words are blocked
  • Call back- the streamer can send a reaction to viewers to indicate something interesting is happening on stream “buddy pay attention”
  • Exclusive packages- eventually, premium viewers will get more and exclusive reactions afterupdates and subscriptions